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Idalia Drive

Trees are a protected, vital and valuable part of our community. The forested characteristics of our city is what makes us unique. 

However, we know dead, decaying or diseased trees may need to be removed. The location of a tree can also be an issue. Our information packet and tree removal application below contain detailed information about our ordinance.

On average, the City approves more than 90 percent of tree removal applications.

All trees approved for removal by our code enforcement officers must be cut down by a licensed contractor, licensed with the city of Forest Acres. A license solely with the state of South Carolina is not enough.

A homeowner who chooses to cut their own tree must still abide by city ordinance and have an approved permit to cut the tree or trees.

Tree Removal Information Packet 

If you are not familiar with our tree ordinance, download this information sheet. It outlines the purpose of the permitting process, how to know when you need a permit, and how our inspectors will evaluate your application. 

Tree Removal Permit Application 

If you would like to remove trees on your property that are governed by our ordinance (see packet above if you're unsure), fill out and turn in this application. We'll also need a drawing or map showing the location of the trees you would like to remove - don't worry, a simple drawing on the back of the application works great. It's also a good idea to mark the trees in question with ribbon or tape to avoid confusion. Once we receive your application, one of our inspectors will be out to check out the tree as soon as possible. From there, your application will either be approved or denied, and our inspectors will contact you shortly with their determination. 

Land Disturbance Permit Application 

If you're planning on grading, dredging, filling or otherwise altering land which may result in soil erosion or sediment relocation and you don't have an approved building plan, you must first get a Land Disturbance Permit. 


If your initial request is denied, you have options to appeal the decision. You can exercise that appeal through the zoning board of appeals or by hiring a certified arborist to validate the condition of the tree in question.