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Hospitality Tax

Tazza at Trenholm Plaza


The City of Forest Acres imposes a two percent (2%) local hospitality tax on prepared food and beverages within the city limits. 

South Carolina state law outlines how the city can collect and budget the revenue generated by local hospitality taxes. Because of these laws, the revenue is kept separate from the city's general fund, and is budgeted for programs and improvements designed to increase tourism and bring customers into Forest Acres restaurants and businesses.

Access our HTAX form and conveniently pay your local hospitality tax on prepared food and beverages.

To receive hospitality tax funding, an organization or event must follow the city's guidelines and application process.

The process includes submitting a completed application that is first reviewed by the HTAX committee. The committee is comprised of citizens appointed by the City Council. Recommendations to approve or deny an HTAX application are then voted on by City Council.

Please note as of January 1, 2023 ALL applications must be submitted THREE MONTHS before the event date to ensure ample time for consideration. This is a change to recent years so please note this deadline as it will be strictly enforced.