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Planning Commission

The City of Forest Acres Planning Commission consists of seven appointed members who serve two-year staggered terms.  Standing meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month and are conducted if needed.  Additional meetings may be held from time to time with proper notice given. 

Current Members:

Jack Cantey, Chair

Appointed August 2013

Reappointed August 2021

Term Expires August 2023


Steven Powell

Appointed September 2017

Reappointed September 2021

Term Expires September 2023




Ellis Creel, Vice Chair

Appointed June 2017

Reappointed December 2020

Term Expires December 2022


Beronica Whisnant

Appointed July 2018

Reappointed August 2021

Term Expires August 2023


Nola Armstrong

Reappointed August 2022

Term Expires August 2024

Ralph Bailey

Appointed November 2012

Reappointed August 2021

Term Expires August 2023


Lyle H. Lee

Appointed February 2021

Term Expires February 2023


If you are interested in serving on the Planning Commission when future spots open, please complete and submit the Application for Appointment.

See Minutes of recent meetings, below:

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