New Sod In Quinine Hill Park


New areas of sod were laid this week in Quinine Hill Park. The sod was added over formerly mulched areas to reduce erosion and lessen the cost of ongoing maintenance.

The mulched areas were rapidly decomposing and often eroded during summer rain events. The new sod should eliminate the cost of frequently replacing the mulch and will provide a more open play area for children. The change should also give the park better drainage. 

The city also hired a certified arborist to check the health of the trees in the park.

While several trees are marked with various colors of tape, the vast majority of the trees are healthy. A small number of dead or dangerous trees will be removed or pruned, but please do not interpret tape on a tree to mean the tree will be removed. That is not the case. The arborist uses a color system to categorize the trees while writing up a detailed report on the condition of each tree individually. 

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Quinine Hill Park