Public Safety Foundation

The Public Safety Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization that is run completely separate of City Hall and the Forest Acres Police Department. It is comprised of local volunteers who want to dedicate their time raising funds to buy items benefitting our officers in the line of duty. This can range from equipment to buy tasers or bullet proof vests or any other need that arises. Anyone may donate to the Public Safety Foundation.

Council member Tom Andrews – Chair

Appointed March 2022 (1-year term)


Chief Don Robinson– Ex-Officio


Dianna Elliott

Reappointed March 2022 (2-year term)






Jessica Mayo

Appointed July 2022 (expires May 2023)


Mark Nidiffer

Appointed May 2022 (1 year term)


Michael “Doc” Smith

Reappointed March 2022 (2-year term)


Bryan Willis

Reappointed March 2022 (3-year term)