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Open House to Assist Residents with Homes, Property in Flood Hazard Areas

Posted Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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Residents with homes or land in high flood risk areas of Richland County have the opportunity to attend an open house in June to learn how they can protect themselves and their property.

Preliminary flood hazard maps are used each year to indicate the portions of the County that are susceptible to damaging flooding. This year, the maps have been updated to reflect recent changes in topography, land use and drainage patterns. This means some properties formerly considered at risk for flooding are no longer located in identified flood risk areas, while other properties formerly thought to be safe are now considered at risk.

To learn if a property is in a high flood area, residents are encouraged to attend the Flood Risk Open House, 4 p.m.- 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 24 at the Richland County Administration Building, 2020 Hampton St., Columbia. Residents will be able to obtain information about flood insurance, view maps and speak with flood risk officials.  

“This open house is an opportunity for all citizens of Richland County to obtain information on their flood risk from local, state and federal officials,” said Richland County Floodplain Manager Andrea Bolling. “Property owners can directly ask FEMA representatives questions about how the new maps will affect their flood insurance as well as options for mitigation of their property.  If you have any flood related questions, this is the meeting to attend for answers.”  

Richland County’s flood areas include certain sections along local streams, like Gills Creek, Crane Creek, Mill Creek and others. Methods for reducing flood damage include the construction of water barriers, retrofitting structures with water proofing and elevating structures above flood levels.

Purchasing flood insurance is another key step to prepare should disastrous flooding occur.

For more information about the Flood Risk Open House, contact Andrea Bolling at bollinga@rcgov.usor call 803-576-2150.

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