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Comprehensive Plan

South Carolina state law dictates that local planning commissions must maintain a comprehensive plan outlining the vision for their community's future. The plan must be re-evaluated every five years and be completely updated (beyond re-evaluation) every 10 years.

The plan must include certain elements required by state law, and must include needs and goals for each element. The most recent comprehensive plan was adopted by council on June 9, 2009. 

2009 Comprehensive Plan - The City of Forest Acres' official comprehensive plan, adopted in 2009. 

2009 Base Map - The base map shows the boundaries of the city during the planning process (they have since changed due to annexation). 

2009 Existing Conditions Map - The existing conditions map shows the general land use classification (commercial, public, residential, undeveloped) for each parcel within the jurisdiction during the planning process. 

2009 Future Land Use Map - The future land use map shows how the commission and council would like the land use to evolve during the period between the adoption of the plan in 2009 and the year 2020. 

2009 Public Facilities Map - The public facilities map shows the location of facilities such as parks, bus routes, fire departments, etc. 

2009 Public Transportation Map - The transportation map highlights major roads, railways, bus routes and bike lanes. 

2009 Environmental Map - The environmental map shows steams, wetlands and flooding and illustrates how they may impact land use. 


NOTE:  The Comprehensive Plan is undergoing re-evaluation in 2016.  Please see the menu at right for further information.



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